Our Values

Acting in Your Best Interests

inline-valuesAt Rob Gray Asset Management, we believe in the principle of integrated wealth management, an approach to investments and wealth accumulation that draws its strength from the power of relationships.

While the relationships we build with our clients are vital, so too are our partnerships with other specialized individuals and teams within ScotiaMcLeod, Scotiabank, and Scotia Wealth Management. The synergy created by this combination of resources and expertise is extraordinarily effective.

Our Core Values

  • We believe in quality advice.
  • We believe in a collaborative team effort.
  • We believe in planning.
  • We believe in personalized services.
  • We believe in utilizing our team strengths and continually developing our knowledge.
  • We believe in working closely with your other professional partnerships.
  • We believe in determining the right fit between your financial needs and professional services we offer.

Our Core Investment Principles

  • We believe in managing risk.
  • We believe in transparency and full disclosure.
  • We believe in active management.
  • We believe in discipline.
  • We believe in diversification.